Dashboard console down

Hi guys, your dashboard has been down for more than 10 minutes. What is your SLA?

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Yeah, Same here. 502 Bad Gateway error.

Same Here. 502 Bad Gateway error as well

Don’t you have multi-region support? It seems to be the incident is happening in US-1. Can your system engineers redirect the traffic to another region not affected by the same problems you’re facing in US-1?

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Our engineering are currently working on the fix. We’re doing our best to handle that. Once more sorry for the inconvenience!

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No one likes being locked-out of their own front door. Please provide an eta for fix. Thanks!

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You can find the most up to date status information here: https://twitter.com/auth0status

We have restored the affected regions of Auth0 for US-1, Support Center, and the management dashboard. Our User Search v3 service has been enabled and the data is catching up. We will update here once all data has been brought up to current.

Keep an eye on Status.Auth0.com for the latest on the scenario and again we apologize for the situation.