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Customize Passwordless Login form



Hi Guys

I am using the passwordless login form in WP.
How can I customize the form

  1. I want to remove the text ‘or create an account’
  2. Change ‘Did not get the code?’ to 'Click Did not get the code or check spam folder



You should be able to this this in the options :


Thanks @rishi!

@tony.gilpin - That doc page is the right place to look for what you want to do here. The configuration JSON will go in the wp-admin > Auth0 > Settings > Advanced tab > Extra Settings field. It should look something like this:

  "languageDictionary": {
    "passwordlessEmailAlternativeInstructions": "Enter your email to sign in.",
    "resendCodeAction": "Click here to resend or check your spam folder."


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