Customize hosted Passwordless login page?

I can’t seem to get any theme options passed to Auth0Passwordless to stick. Customizing the Lock page works fine, but I can’t get anything to change on Passwordless.

Is there a way to modify this page? If not, is there a way to add a passwordless form to field to the custom login page?

This may not be a definitive answer because without knowing the options you tried it’s not possible to know for sure, however, have in mind that the Lock Passwordless is, at this time, an independent control so if you haven’t done so already you should be setting the options available for Lock Passwordless which may not be exactly the same as Lock. In particular, you can check: GitHub - auth0/lock-passwordless: Auth0 Lock Passwordless [DEPRECATED]

If you still experience issue you should update the question with more concrete information about what you tried and what did not work.

This was the answer, thank you! I was trying to pass the options object as the last argument when the Auth0Passwordless was created, not rendered. As usual, silly mistake!

Thanks again!