Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts - forgotPasswordtext update is not working

Hi Auth0 Team,

I am trying to update the forgotPasswordText on new universal login. I was able to use PUT /api/v2/prompts/login/custom-text/en and then GET/api/v2/prompts/login/custom-text/en to see updated text. However on universal login it doesn’t display updated text. Please advise.

“login”: {
“forgotPasswordText”: “Click here if you don’t remember your password”


Hi @kewong ,

Thank you for posting this topic on the Auth0 Community!

I tested the PUT /api/v2/prompts/login/custom-text/en endpoint and the text was updated in the universal login widget.

It’s weird why it’s not working for you. I wonder if the bearer token used in your API request is associated with the correct tenant. Does the same behavior happen with Chrome incognito mode?

Hi @lihua.zhang,

The bearer token is from the correct tenant’s Auth0 Management API and in Chrome incognito mode the forgotPasswordText doesn’t reflect the update as well.

@kewong ,

Thanks for the updates.

Could you please check if “Customize Login Page” is enabled under Branding → Universal Login → Advanced Option → Login Tab? If it’s enabled, that could cause the change to the new UL template not reflected in the UI.

Hi @lihua.zhang,

Yes, “Customize Login Page” is enabled. In this case, how can I customize forgetPasswordText? Please advise.

Hi @lihua.zhang ,

I found out I need to use lock’'s language option to change it successfully.

Glad to know you found the solution! :+1:

Here is a summary of the solution to this topic:

If “Customize Login Page” is enabled, we need to use “Lock” to update the Login widget and select “Classic” under “Universal Login” settings and save the change. If your tenant has “New Universal Login” enabled, please disable “Customize Login Page”, “Customize Password Reset Page” and “Customize MFA page”, and customize the login text prompts with the Auth0 Management API request.

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