Customize Consent Page

Hello, I want to customize my consent page. I surfed in the forum but the answers are old. I don’t want to auth0 logo to appear and also I want to change background colours and other things. I read a doc about customizing it but it is not clear. I tried to route my customized callback URL but it routes the same URL.

Doc isn’t enough :Customize Consent Prompts

Hi @berkaygurbuz ,

I understand that you want to customize the Auth0 logo and the background color of the consent page.

To customize the Auth0 logo and background color, you may go to Branding → Universal Login → Customize Your login → on the left side, click Page Background, and change the widget background color and add the image to the new logo.

This change will be reflected in all the Auth0 widgets, not just the consent page. Currently, we can not customize the Auth0 consent page only.

Ref: Customize New Universal Login with the No-Code Editor

If you want to customize the text prompt on the consent page, call the
PUT "/api/v2/prompts/consent/consent/en" endpoint.

ref: Customize New Universal Login Text Prompts

Hope this helps!

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