Consent promt confusion

I need some help in understanding how to do this properly.

In the documentation I found the following details where the consent prompt can be somehow controlled:
You can also see from the example shown below how the sample is styled

I have impletemented the functionality to ask for the user’s consent as can be see from this example:

The functionality works fine and I get the user’s consent as expected.

The site that I am implementing has got a different style:

  • Site colour is light blue
  • Profile and logo images are square
  • Using a slightly different font

What I expected was that from the Universal Login page the values from:

  • Primary Color
  • Page Background color
    would also be inserted into the style used on the consent prompt, but not what I can see.

How can I implement this correctly to just get the colors of the buttons to match, is it something I am doing wrong or missing?

Hi @carolus,

The difference here looks like new universal login vs classic universal login. Try switching to new UL.

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Thanks Dan,

Will I be able to switch back to classic login at any time?

Yes, there may be some configuration differences, but you aren’t locked out of classic after switching.

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