Customize auth0 lock confirmation

Good morning,

after receiving the registration, a thank you form appears. Is it possible to modify this page by adding a wording or redirect to another page?
I use single page application but I can’t find how to customized auth0 lock confirmation.



Hey there @smaniottogms!

You can find a list of things that can be customized within Lock here:

I would like to change the message “Thanks for signing up” after sign up but i not find the options in the lock configuration options.
I’m try with languageDictionary.success.signUp: ‘Thanks for signing up; check your email.’
but it does not work

Let me look into the syntax and get back to you shortly @smaniottogms!

I solved:
languageDictionary: {
success: {
signUp: ‘My thanks’
title: ‘My Title’,

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Perfect! Glad to hear that!