Custom sign-up link in Classic Universal Login whose href is environment dependant


I’m implementing a custom login page using the Classic Universal Login to add a custom sign-up link in the form.
The problem I’m encountering revolves around the URL tied up to that link.

See, we have three tenants for our applications, one for each of our environment, as advised by Auth0 documentation: one for the testing environment, one for staging and one for production.
We manage the tenants configuration using the auth0-deploy lib, with a config file for each environment that is applied to the overall config when deploying to a specific tenant.

What I’d like to achieve is somewhat define the URL for the sign-up link for each environment (since it’s obviously different; we don’t want staging users to register on the production application, and vice-versa), and find a way to access that defined URL in the login custom template to bind this to a link.

The URL is different for each environment, but is the same for all our applications in the same environment ; we have one application dedicated to managing our user accounts, and it’s this application that would provide the sign-up flow.

And… I don’t know how to achieve that. I see from the Default Template of the Login page, that the JS code access a @@config@@ object that is deserialized at runtime. And I’ve found some topics here that talks about adding custom extraParams to this @@config@@ object, but the links they provided to the adequate documentation now lead me to a page that does not talk about those extraParams (plus, it appears that params with a name not matching the set of accepted params are stripped out, aynway).

I could manually deploy my tenants config on the three tenants with a placeholder in the template code, and then manually edit each deployed template from the tenant’s backend to add the correct URL, but, that would be requried for each subsequent deploy.

See, I’m a little bit stuck here and have kinda run out of ideas ; I’d very much appreciate any hints or clues.
If you need more information or implementation details on our applications architecture, feel free to ask.

Hi @mob,

The extraParams property in the config object comes from any extra query parameters passed in the /authorize request from the application. For instance, in the auth0-react SDK:

                    onClick={() => loginWithRedirect({'signupURL': ''})}
                    Sign Up

If you’d prefer not to map the custom signup link to the domain, would you be able to pass this param from the application when you redirect the user to the Universal Login page?

Hi @stephanie.chamblee

I had seen that info on some threads, but when I tried it with some dummy data, it didn’t work for some reason.

I tried again today, and it appears to work as expected, so…


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