Custom magic link creation from server sid

Currently in our team we have a React app which has a feature to generate one time links which grants readonly access to some part of our application. This is based on homebrewed auth token generated in the backend API in .net (it has some custom claims there like duration, type, scope). Is it possible for Auth0 to create one time links (with some additional parameters) for anonymous users?

Auth0 does not seem to support creating one-time links for anonymous users, as the user needs to provide either a phone number or an email address to receive the OTP or magic link Also, Auth0 creates a separate user profile for each passwordless connection, which may not be compatible with your existing homebrewed auth token system Passwordless Connections

Therefore, it may not be possible for Auth0 to create one-time links for anonymous users that match your requirements. I hope this helps. :blush: