Custom Guardian App return userId like gusr_xxxx instead of Auth0 UserID

I am developing a custom (white label) Guardian App using Guardian SDK. So in the Multifactor Auth setting I specified AWS SNS settings. I have also enabled Custom Hosted Page for Guardian and use the widget as on the following exmaple

When doing enrollment, I scanned the QRCode on my custom hosted page. However the UserID I get from the QRCode is in format of “gusr_xxxx” (xxxx is a hashed random string) instead of my userid in Auth0 (auth0|xxxx)

I have no idea what this userid coming from (look like a Guardian internal user identifier) , and how can I use it to associate with my Auth0 user.

Any idea?

If you’re developing a custom Guardian-like application and you’re already at the step where you have a QR code that you can scan with your device then you check the reference documentation about how to add multifactor functionality into the application, more specifically, either:

Yes. I am already follow the reference documentation. The problem is in enrollment , the UserID I got it in format of “gusr…”, I don’t know how can I identity the user from this user id, this is not the user id I got from my user list.