Custom Domain fails to validate

Problem Statement

When trying to create a “custom domain” we selected the Auth0 managed certificates option and getting the error:

Error! Your verification record was not found. You might need to wait a few minutes before we can discover it.


A few items for consideration:

  1. It might take 48 hours or more for a custom domain to be validated.
  2. Use the ‘dig’ command line tool or MXToolbox to view the current state of your DNS setup and verify if CNAME record is available.
  3. Go to Dig (DNS lookup) and input the custom domain. And verify that the CNAME record on the Auth0-managed certificate is same as what is on the dashboard.
  4. Make sure that a proxy is not used in conjunction with the Auth0-managed certificates.


Auth0-managed certificates do not support the use of a proxy.


We found out that your domain was being proxied by Cloudflare " orange clouded". The same observation will happen if using other types of proxy services.

Please remove the Cloudflare proxy and repeat the custom domain configuration.

An alternative solution is to use self-managed certificates.