Custom Database Login Script and PreRegistration Action


  1. I have a customer db script which basically makes a REST pseudo-login call to our API. We are doing lazy User import so this works fine. The Login call goes to Auth0->fails since the user does not exist->POSTS a pseudo-login to our API->and then the user’s creds get stored in Auth0.

  2. For Registration, I have a PreRegistration hook that basically makes a POST call to our API to create the user in our application. Ostensibly the flow is then supposed to create the User in Auth0.

HOWEVER - it looks like Auth0 is invoking the Login script in #1 - which always fails since our application will not store passwords for new users (the passwords should only exist in Auth0.

Has anyone run into this before? I can’t find any documentation anywhere describing this flow. Nowhere does it say the Custom Login script is invoked during User creation.

Any pointers would be appreicated.