Auth0 Pre Login custom hook

Is it possible to have a pre-login hook as we have for post-login or pre-registration?
Our goal is to run a code before auth0’s login happens.

The issue is that we want to migrate users from an existing system to auth0, without specifying the other operations like create a user or change a password.

So if it’s not possible with a custom DB connection, then we would like to do the same with a script.

A similar thing is possible through AWS Cognito, where we can run pre-login hooks.

We are using auth0’s universal login UI.

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Hey there!

Unfortunately we only have post-user registration hook and pre-user registration one. I would advocate for that by using our [Feedback category] and filing in a feature request. Thank you!

Ok. I’ll send this as a feature request.

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Perfect! Thanks for doing that!