Feature: pre-login Action (for email/password-based login attempts)

Description: A pre-login Action for email/password-based login attempts would be very, very helpful for us for achieving user migration over to Auth0. We would like to be able to have an action executed before the password entered by users is verified.

Use-case: Our use-case is user migration. In the pre-login Action, we would like to start a re-authentication process that ends with the user being able to set a password for their not yet activated account. We imagine the pre-login Action in our case to check if the user is trying to log in to a newly migrated account, i.e., an account with an email address that is in some way marked as not activated, yet. If we identify a login attempt to a not yet activated account in the pre-login Action, we abort the login process w/o verifying the password, send an email to the email address of the not yet activated account, and redirect the user back to a page on our side that says they should check their email account for an account activation email.

Because such a pre-login Action does not exist, yet, we have to send out many, many account activation emails to our users and hope that they do not ignore it.

Thanks for the suggestion @opncow!

@dan.woda Iā€™m looking for the pre-login flow action as well.

Use case: Automation testing - Passwordless OTP. Bypass OTP verification for a specified number.

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Thanks for the added context @karthiaru