Auth0 Pre Login custom hook

Is it possible to have a pre-login hook as we have for post-login or pre-registration?
Our goal is to run a code before auth0’s login happens.

The issue is that we want to migrate users from an existing system to auth0, without specifying the other operations like create a user or change a password.

So if it’s not possible with a custom DB connection, then we would like to do the same with a script.

A similar thing is possible through AWS Cognito, where we can run pre-login hooks.

We are using auth0’s universal login UI.


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Unfortunately we only have post-user registration hook and pre-user registration one. I would advocate for that by using our [Feedback category] and filing in a feature request. Thank you!

Ok. I’ll send this as a feature request.


Perfect! Thanks for doing that!

We also have the need for a pre-login hook / action. Any news on this one? Or can I upvote somewhere?

@konrad.sopala Any update on the pre-login flow action? I’m looking for the same to implement OTP verification bypass for automation testing usecase.

We also could use this. Our need is we want the login user to enter their email address (identifier first login), then we intercept (auth0 action) that request, look up the user in our database and redirect them to the correct company SSO. The reason we have to do it this way is we have companies that have lots of clients with different email addresses that go through their SSO.

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Second this. We want a local/global account with a single linked idp. This is to normalize all users. In this case we want to force the use of the linked idp for a given email domain. I.e MUST login with SSO. can login in all ways Local or linked.

Another way to look at it is if I see a email it’s just a lookup to use the company sso.

@konrad.sopala Any updates given the customer needs?

I need to select idp based on the user email ,can I able to do if the pre login is available?

You can vote for the Pre-login feature here.
Upvote this request and let’s push for it to be created!
Thank you.

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