Auth0 pre-registration hook using SSO registration

Hi there,

We have implemented some pre-registration hook during our registration flow. That hook calls our API to check whether the account can be registered (on basis of email domain). Then deny or allow access.
Why that hook does not work when I try to register using SSO but it works when email & password are passed manually? Is it desired behaviour or is it a bug?

I kindly ask for your help.

Hi @lukasz.ziemnicki,

I understand that you have some questions regarding your Pre-Registration Hook when using SSO for registration.

As stated in our Auth0 Hooks documentation, Hooks can only be used with Database Connections and Passwordless Connections.

Therefore, the Pre-Registration Hook will not work when signing up using SSO with Social or Enterprise Login.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I would be happy to clarify.

Thank you for the detailed answer. So any modified flow from here:

won’t work for SSO?

Hi @lukasz.ziemnicki,

Behind the scenes, Hooks and Actions are functionally the same. They offer you a way to manipulate the authentication flow.

When using Actions, the following Triggers will not work with SSO:

  • Pre-User Registration
  • Post-User Registration
  • Post-Change Password
  • Send Phone Message

The only Trigger that will work with SSO is the Login Action. Note that the Machine-to-Machine Action is irrelevant to user authentication.

In general, using Hooks/Actions with connections varies according to the extensibility points. Hooks and Actions only work with Database and Passwordless Connections.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. I would be glad to assist.

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