Creating a custom login and sign up

i want to integrate auth0 to my web page where i need to send user data from my web page and i need to authenticate not a universal or lock. A custom ui with a login and signup in my web page how to start and how to end? is it possible to achive that ? my client dont want to use auth0 ui.

thanks in advance

Hey there @gaganm!

That’s of course doable! You don’t need to use our ready-to-use UIs but instead develop the UI yourself and then tie it with our Authentication and Management APIs byt hitting the right endpoints from your app.

Here they are:


i.m trying to get postman responses for all the end ponts…

That’s great! Here’s our Postman doc with endpoints collections we made to make your testing in Postman easier:

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but i,m new this even i got confused???which api to use eighter authentication api? or management api? please guide me further

thanks for your quick responses

Hey there @gaganm!

For login & signup purposes you need to use the Authentication API. The best way for you to quickly grasp what each API do is to go the the link I provided and then in the sidebar on the left you have all actions you can perform with both APIs

sign up, forget password works fine for me as they mentioned but i was not able to find a proper end point for login

i.m trying with login but which end point to use???

thanks for your quick response it helped me a lot

You’ve got the login endpoints here:

what is more you can utilize our auth0.js library for login:

Here are steps for that:

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do i need to use auth0.js library for login??? other options?

i.m getting response for almost all end points which i checked with postman that is enough for our client.The technology i.m using sales force commerce cloud so i can interact with my server side language and i can handle and i can make it work like how auth0 library works…???

what and all the road block i may face?

Hey there @gaganm!

I’m getting a bit confused with your messages. Can I ask you to provide me with once concise message about the context around what are you trying to build(platform, language, etc.), what parts of our stack have you already tested and what questions you have?

Thank you!

@konrad.sopala I don’t think he’s looking for the /authorize endpoint - which “returns a 302 redirect to the Auth0 Login Page that will show the Login Widget where the user can login with email and password.” - he wants his users to input a username/password on his own UI hosting on his server. I don’t like how auth0 uses misleading words to say ‘you can use your custom UI’ it makes people think they can build their own login form and just hit an auth0 endpoint to return an access token when in reality there’s no way to log in without going to the lock widget page ← this has been my experience - if there is a way to use a custom login form and just hit an auth0 endpoint to get an access token back, then please enlighten me because I haven’t found a way to do it and I’ve been using auth0 for over a year now. The endpoint that lock hits to login is the following: POST /usernamepassword/login but that’s not documented anywhere as far as I know - all I see are the GET /authorize which redirects to lock

I do know a user can sign-up using the pure API endpoints, but sign-up from my experience (correct me if i’m wrong) doesnt return an access token .

@gaganm you can use a custom sign-up form and hit the endpoint here: Authentication API Explorer which will create an auth0 user account but to log in you still have to go through the lock widget - which is really annoying in my opinion but I do understand that it’s a security issue. The reason it’s annoying is because I’ve seen people avoid signing up / logging in when they get redirected to auth0 lock - so it’s not good for marketing/sales channels. The only way to use a login endpoint and host your own login form from within your app is to use embedded login with cross-origin verification: Cross-Origin Authentication


Hi all thanks for your response,

Let me explain you very clearly what i need to do…we are using an auth0 by long time and we are using there hoisted login and sign up page as if now. Now client doesn’t want to use auth0 login/sign up page so what he wants is in his web page it self he want user to enter the email and password to enter and authentication should happen based on there credentials and so . sending data from his page but still he want auth0 to authenticate and handle the rest of behaviour.

Now can you please tell me can i achive all functionality by hitting only there proper end points??? The good thing is i tried all most all end points with postman i got all reponses.

Thank you for providing all that information. In this context I think the best way for you will be to use the library I mentioned:

One thing to remember is that you need to enable custom domain to avoid cross-origin issues.
Aldo make sure to visit and go through this comparison website to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of such approach: