Custom UI signup/login question about authentication vs management APIs and JWT

I have a signup process, so I am using a custom UI. Currently, I have a web client (react), and I have my own Go backend. In Auth0 I have created a regular web application client for my Go login/signup service, an API client for my Go REST api, and I have a SPA client for the react.

When a user signs up, I need their name and zip code in addition to their email and password. This information is sent to my own backend, lets say POST /signup. At this point I am attempting to both create the user in my own database (just their email, name, and zip code preference), and also in the auth0 connected DB.

To create the user, should this information be passed to the management API (!/Users/post_users) or authentication API (

If this is successful, I will generate a session and redirect back to my client. However, how do I go about getting a token to use for my rest API?

I hope my question makes sense. I am confused and could use some advice!

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Hi @kdm,

Thanks for the detailed question!

The signup endpoint is designed for what you described. It will return an id token, but that won’t be sufficient to make calls to your api unfortunately. You will need your user to authenticate to get an access token.

Hope this helps!


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