Create user with password Deprecated in SDK - but encouraged as correct approach for user invitation

I am implementing the user invitation flow.
I followed these docs: Send Email Invitations for Application Signup

I tried out all the requests using curl, and it worked as described. But as I started implementing it in java using the auth0 SDK (for management API), I noticed that setting a password for a new user is deprecated.
To be precise, setPassword() on com.auth0.json.mgmt.users.User is deprecated. At the same time, it doesn’t seem possible to create a user without initial password. Is there something I’m missing?
Is the approach linked above still valid for inviting users?
and if yes: how long until it will no longer be possible to create users this way, i.e. how long until the REST API no longer supports creating users with password?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

nevermind, found it mysef right after posting the question :grimacing:

only .setPassword(String password) is deprecated, but setPassword(char password) is not.

Thank you @vincentS for sharing your solution with our community! :+1:

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