Create custom login page on iOS and get access to refresh token

Hey there,

I want to create a custom login page that uses the Auth0 iOS SDK to login via an api (a function that takes an email and password arguments).

The issue is, I have to use a Single Page Application API in order to login with my own custom UI, and that means I don’t get provided a refresh token, just an access token + IdToken. The next alternative is to create a native app application on Auth0 + use Lock, which I really really really really do not want to use as the UI does not fit the user experience (you can’t even change the font).

I want to be able to persist a refresh token in the keychain + use my custom UI.
How should I go about doing this?


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Hi there @benjalimm, I apologize for the delay in response.

We have recently released a New Universal Login experience and I thought it might be worth checking our pending your application. I have included a link below but please let me know if you have any additional questions or it doesn’t look like to right path you would like to go down. Thanks!

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