iOS Mobile Embedded Login For Custom Ui (Without Lock)

Hi there,
I’m trying to implement mobile login for iOS, i’m required to use a custom ui, i cannot use Lock, i cannot browser or web flows such as PKCE, I need to use my own custom embedded login not auth0’s, I am aware that this is less secure than PKCE.

I’m trying to authenticate the user and obtain a JWT access token for a specific audience at the end of the flow.

I have scoured all the documentations both on auth0 and on github, the closest thing that makes sense that i’ve found is this :

    .authentication(clientId: "someClientId", domain: "")
        usernameOrEmail: "YOUR_EMAIL",
        password: "YOUR_PASSWORD",
        connection: "My-DB-Connection",
        audience: "")

However, this doesn’t work, i get an error to the effect of :

"Cannot invoke 'login' with an argument list of type '(usernameOrEmail: String, password: String, connection: String, audience: String)'"

i’ve confirmed and made sure everything is configured correctly on the native app on auth0 under applications. Please help/advise.

Thanks in advance.
@James.Morrison, @konrad.sopala, @mathiasconradt, @nicolas_sabena

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Yes please, would be great to get some directions or resolutions on this.
Thank you

@konrad.sopala Any updates/guidance on this please?