Is it possible Login and authorise APIs using only Auth0 APIs in Mobile


I am trying to implement Authentication and Authorisation using Auth0 APIs in an iOS Mobile App. I want to implement this fully natively using URLSession for the networking and SwiftUI for the interface. I managed to get the passwordless API working to log the user in, and even retrieve userInfo from the userInfo endpoint.

However when I want to authorise the user to access our APIs with the PKCE flow and authorise endpoint, the response I get back is 200 and a login webpage.

The Docs say that it is possible to use a fully native flow. Am I using the wrong endpoints?

Appreciate any help I can get, been pulling my hair out over the past few days on this.

Hi @iOSBrett,

We don’t recommend embedded flows in native apps. In-fact, neither does the IETF

With that said, it is still an option.

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