Create and login > Different email than input


As of today I have been encountering an issue with creating and logging in of users. When I create a new user, the auth0 client info retrieves a completely separate user than the one I just created, and the same issue is going on for login where it retrieves a different user.

Example, most recent created was “”, when redirected and attempted to retrieve auth0 client info, it comes back as “”. When I check the log on my auth0 dashboard, it has logged it as “” (which I never typed anywhere, and it’s random as previous attempts gave different emails), but if I click to see the log details, sure enough the email is stated as “”.

Now, this is giving some major issues as I rely on the email ( in the callback to fetch the user info from our database, and because the doesn’t match the created email, it won’t find anything in the database and the flow kinda stops there because of that.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Created a separate application and database specifically for the test environment, works as intended using this configuration. Might have been a mistypo in the connection settings in the other database connection setup, but don’t know where it pulls the random emails from, as they don’t exist on that database.

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