Create account - Business and personal

I offer both a personal and a business signup option in my application.

Personal signup: Username, Password, Country, Referral Code, First and Last Names, Email and Phone Numbers.

Business signup: Business Name, Country, Email, Phone Number, Username, Password, and Referral Code.

DB: Custom DB (SQL)

Rest API: Essential ( to save referral details and more…)

UI: React

For my application, we previously used Identity Server 4. It’s necessary here too, just like it is on all of my screens.

I also let you look at a few screenshots.

Zoho chat and Captcha are further integrations.

Please provide a way for me to connect Auth0 with sign-up pages.

Hi @dev.nareshch,

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

I understand you are interested in a custom signup page experience including multiple personas.

First, I would suggest taking a look at our Custom Signup doc, which goes through the different possibilities for a custom signup experience.

More specifically, you would likely be interested in the custom signup endpoint. This allows you to pass custom data to auth0 for signup.