Sign-up form with telephone number, name and surname

Hi, I need a sign-up form with not only username, email and password.

I need also telephone number, name and surname.

Looking at examples I can see:

              connection: databaseConnection,
              email: email,
              password: password,
              captcha: captcha.getValue(),

but this ‘signupAndLogin’ function does not allow to add fields I need (telephone number, name, surname).

How can I create sign-up form with not only username, email and password?

Hi @jacek.wojcik

Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Thank you for posting your question. Regarding your topic, do you plan to use Universal login and extend the lock configuration with the additional parameters that you mentioned (telephone number, name, and surname) or are you hosting the signup page by yourself?


Both cases seem interesting. Probably hosting the signup page would be better for my project.