Could I use my own login, signup page instead of Auth0 form?

I want to use our own login, signup page we built already.
So I would like to create an login, signup endpoint in our Nest.js backend.
In that case, how can I implement login, signup programmatically?

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So Auth0 provides a range of options when it comes to integrating login and signup, and you can read more about these here. For many reasons - which include both security and convenience - Auth0 typically recommends the Universal Login approach, but also supports embedded login scenarios for customers who need that flexibility. FYI, as it appears you’re using a NestJS development stack you may want to check out the Auth0 blog here for additional guidance.

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Thank you for your answer. I really appreciate it. But could you please share with me how can I implement signup programmatically?
If you have any sample code, that would be great.
I am not sure what library can be used.
Now I am trying with auth0 auth0 - npm
There is 2 API clients, like AuthenticationClient, ManagementClient.
I can see there is a way to login, refreshToken in AuthenticationClient.oauth. But I can’t find signup option.

My apologies for the delayed response! You may have already found the answer to your question, but if not I would recommend you checking out this method in the auth0.npm library, which will ultimately execute against the /dbconnections/signup endpoint in the Auth0 Authentication API. Hopefully it should address your needs :slight_smile: