Console message "At least one database, enterprise or social connection needs to be available"


I’ve been invited to another organisation’s auth0 dashboard so I can set up 1 application which I am trying to get working.

I’ve tried both the React and .Net core quickstart solutions but in both cases I come up against this message in the browser console log “At least one database, enterprise or social connection needs to be available”.

I can log in and see in the application connections tab that 1 database has been enabled, so this message seems wrong. But I don’t have full admin rights, so maybe there are some settings I can’t see.

I’ve created my own free auth0 account to try out and I don’t get the same problem using that.

Anybody got any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Technically it’s possible to get that error even if the application has connections enabled. For example, in the following scenario:

  1. application only has connection CON_A enabled in the dashboard.
  2. application makes use of universal login (hosted login page) configured to use Auth0 Lock as the login user interface.

In the following scenario, if at the hosted login page Lock configuration you set the option allowedConnections to ["CON_B"] then the message in question will be triggered when the application tries to initiate login through universal login because application only has CON_A enabled and Lock is configured to ignore that particular connection which means no usable connections are enabled.

It’s an edge case situation, but it could be one explanation.

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