Console.log in Post User Registration


Just a sanity check. For some Actions, if I look in the logs for the event associated with the Action, there’s a tab that shows the Action output, including the console.log outputs.

I’m working in post user registration and see no associated Action tab for the event. I was wondering if that’s due the the async nature of post user registration. The following confirms that, but is from 2 years ago. Is it still the case that console.log is not shown for post registration flow ?


Hey @niall !

I can confirm this is still the case - I know this has been discussed internally, but there unfortunately hasn’t been any movement up to this point. I did a quick search through feedback and didn’t see anything related to this in particular, so adding your own feedback could be useful if you’ve got the time! We monitor these for community engagement and I imagine this one would get upvotes from other community members as well.


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