Community Guidelines - Please Read

We are thrilled to receive the incredible response from the community, thanks for the tremendous questions and reporting bugs. We look forward to seeing more, going forward there are a few important changes that we will be making in order to make this community more useful. Please share any suggestions you have regarding the flow or the process in the community.

How to ask a good question / How to make a good bug report

We strive to reduce the total turnaround time taken in resolving an issue, and it is critical to gather as much information as possible regarding the issue to better understand your queries and resolve them in a safe and robust fashion. In order to do so, we need a lot of meta information related to the issue; the following are the details that you should try including in a question when creating the initial post:

  • Please refrain from posts without context, such as “I have an error when using lock with php”, the following is a non-exhaustive list of things that allow us to have a better grasp of the issue, please try to include as many of the following as possible.

  • What are you trying to achieve? What
    is the use-case or idea behind it?

  • If this is caused by an SDK please mention the SDK along with the
    specific version number.

  • If this is a not easily reproducible issue please mention

  • If this issue is related to Lock / Any SDK please share the SDK as
    well as lock initialization code or
    any code that is relevant.

  • If this is an issue with API please mention the endpoint you are
    trying to hit, relevent code and/or a
    network trace - this is really
    helpful when debugging such issues.

  • Environment specific information (Which OS, Language Runtime +
    Version, Browser etc)

  • Steps to reproduce, a HAR file or a reproducible is incredibly helpful in resolving the issue.

  • Please include the necessary steps that must be followed to replicate the issue.

  • To capture a HAR please follow the instructions at Generate and Analyze HAR Files, please remove any sensitive information like passwords in your har file using a text editor.

  • To share a reproducible or HAR please upload it to or and drop us a link, if you are worried about others being able to access the link you can use to lock the link to emails only. This way only Auth0 staff can access the link.

  • Please don’t ask duplicate questions. Duplicate questions fragment the information and increase the amount of effort someone else having the same issue will have to make in order to get the entire picture. It also reduces our ability to answer all of your questions. In future we will start closing duplicate topics.

  • Please tag your questions with the appropriate tags associated with the described situation.

  • Please add any Errors thrown, most debugging environments have means to capture and render stack traces, please attach any errors you see on the topic. If this is an error thrown by an SDK please attach the entire stack trace. If you are developing on Android or iOS devices using hybrid applications please attach Chrome Debugger or Safari Debugger to the device to capture console logs etc. If your server generates an error page with a stack trace, capturing HAR file and attaching that serves much better than a screenshot.

  • Note: Any posts where we have asked for additional information, and have not received a response within 4 weeks, will be closed.

How to make a great community answer.

We really appreciate the time and effort taken by the people who have answered or help us answer community questions in the past. As the Auth0 community grows we look forward to seeing more questions answered by the community and more serious discussions in the community. The following are a few pointers on how to write a good answer:

  • If this is a code fix, please refrain from providing just the code - if required/possible, try to add some explanation.
  • If this is an architectural suggestion or solution, please include links to various endpoints / apis used.
  • If you are posting a new answer to an already answered post, please try to include new information which will allow others to understand why your solution is better.

How to make a good feature request

Your continuous feedback is greatly appreciated. We have a place for dedicated for ideas and feature requests:

We carefully go through all the feature requests you make but in order for us to make the best out of feature requests, please consider the following pointers:

  • What part of the product is this feature request for? (SDK, API, Lock, Guardian).
  • What is the scope of this feature request? Please add examples of how this can be helpful to many other users.
  • Is there a way to achieve this that already exists but is crude? If so please mention it, it will serve as a temporary workaround for other people waiting for the feature.
  • If a specific request already exist, please avoid reposting it. Instead, upvote the existing request and add any other thoughts/ideas in that post”.

Common Suggestions

  • Include accurate tags, the more the merrier. Tags allow other users facing the same problem to find relevant posts easily and also allow people with specific knowledge to more rapidly find the questions where they can help out the most which leads to improved response times.
  • If a post answers your question, please use the (Accept) button to accept it as an answer. This will help others having the same issue to resolve their issue quickly.
  • Please make use of the update button, and refrain from “me too”, “i have this problem too posts” - they add noise to a 3rd party reader trying to understand the scenario. If you are facing the same problem, and your reproduction steps differ from the one mentioned in the post so far, please add them as a separate post, following the same guidelines as if this was a new topic.
  • If you have resolved your issue, please mention how did you resolve the issue. It will help someone else having the same problem to resolve the same issue.
  • If the post has a current answer, but you believe you have a better solution for the topic please feel free to add the answer, it will serve a greater good for all.

Common things to check before you create a new bug report / topic due to errors

  • In case of server side API errors with jwt validation etc
  • make sure NTP is running on all servers to ensure correct time.
  • make sure all certificates are up to date (not about to expire)
  • If you cannot login to your Auth0 Account
  • Make sure you are using the correct account to login (I.e if you signed up via your Google account, please login using the same method)
  • If you are having issues with custom emails
  • Make sure you’ve configured your own email provider, and that the relevant emails are enabled/disabled from the dashboard.
  • In general
  • While debugging, sometimes refreshing the browser/clearing cookies might resolve the issues caused in development due to frozen cookies or interrupted flows.
  • Check for any network outages on your cloud provider, your network etc.
  • Check Auth0 status at or under the header of this community

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