Clients should have display names

Feature: Clients should have a display name field which can be accessed via a template variable.

Description: Clients should have an additional field addressable via the management API that allows developers to set a displayName which can be read as a template variable for the login and signup screens.

Use-case: With the New Universal Login Experience, we have the ability to use the ${clientName} template variable in the login + signup screens. Our client names are not customer facing, yet we need to give our customers some context about which client they are signing into. We therefore our forced to display an ugly ${clientName} in our screens. It would be great if we could instead use a {clientDisplayName} variable which can be updated as needed.

But you can just rename your clients, why do you need this feature?

  • We utilize configs stored in our source control and the a0deploy CLI tool to facilitate Auth0 deployments. It it tedious to manually rename our clients in the Management UI, and then ensure our configs are updated appropriately. We also cannot just rename the clients in the configs because this causes Auth0 to delete our old clients and regenerate new ones with different client_ids, breaking our integrations.

Hey @dsc thanks for the feedback, always greatly appreciated! I think this is a good idea myself - Let’s hope it continues to get votes from other community members as our team monitors these requests closely for engagement :smile:


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