Cleaner/faster Device Flow experience

Feature: Allow bypassing Device Activation screen with Device Flow

Description: With the input-constrained flow, I would like to bypass the following two Device Activation screens:

Use-case: In sort: I want my users to have the same experience/flow as Discord.

Let’s saw we don’t allow the user to enter a code, and only allow scanning with the QR code, I’d like to go directly to the “login/welcome” screen, especially if we give the user_code high enough entropy.
At the moment, there are no API options to skip that step.

Ideally, on our native app (that uses the Auth0 SDK), I would like to allow users (who have already logged in) to open our native app and click a scan button to open up their camera (from within the app, using the Auth0 SDK) to immediately log the user in, without any extra steps.

Hey there @svict4, thanks for the feedback! Our product team monitors these for community engagement so let’s hope it get some upvotes from others! :chart_with_upwards_trend: