Auth0 Device Flow Auto Login

I have the device confirmation flow working for a remote server that does not have browser access. I want the user to be able to click a link and have it automatically confirm the device code (since it is built into the URL), instead of having to click the confirm button once they get to the page. Is this possible by adding a parameter or something to the URL? And example URL that a user will current use is something like:
Which auto redirects to:
And then the user has to click confirm, is there a way to bypass the user needing to click confirm? I just want the auth flow to automatically succeed when the FIRST link is clicked and the window to close itself if auth is successful (based on SSO). Seems like I should be able to pass some parameters with the URL to do this but the support ticket I opened said that this feature isn’t available.



We’re considering the same problem. Did you find your own way around this?

My guess is there is some requirement for user interaction on the page that opens, but it’s just a guess

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You or @ianchanning find any solution to that yet?

Doesn’t appear to be a way to edit this, I’ll add a Feature Request

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No we haven’t found a way around it yet, the extra step is still required for us.