Customize activate endpoint for device flow

Is it possible to implement my own custom /activate route in a SPA and not use the Auth0 one? If yes, is there a SDK method that I can look into or the API calls that I can make to replicate the flow i.e. ask user to input code, then validate the code and if user is not logged in ask them to log in and associate the device.

If this is not possible, is there a way to customise the page, like Password Reset under Universal login in the dashboard.


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I am not sure about this and am going to do some research. I will report back soon.


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At this time, only the logo and color schemes can be changed on that page. If this is something you would like to give feedback on, we appreciate your input and view every submission individually.

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Thanks @dan.woda

Any plans for supporting this in near future, considering that the feature is officially released? Also please note the feedback link above does not work.

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