Child tenant vs free plan tenants

Our app is going live with a paid plan ? We will have access to the child tenant option.

Why should I use the child tenant ? to have an iso-prod env ? What are the advantages of the child tenants? we already have a tenant by env dev, qa ? what is the plus of a child tenant ? (paid features ???)

is a child tenant can impact our prod because the doc says : “Activity and usage on child tenants count toward the main tenant activity and usage limitations” ?


Hi @stevens.nelson,

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I understand that you have some clarifying questions about Paid Child tenants and Free-tier tenants.

First, the main distinction between Paid Child tenants and Free-tier tenants involves the type of features available to the tenant. As hinted, Paid Child tenants will have features consistent with your Master subscription tenant.

Whereas Free-tier tenants only have access to free features. You can see the difference between Paid and Free features here.

Now, the reason why you should use a Child tenant is if you want to:

  1. Leverage the same features in your Master Subscription Tenant
  2. Have a development, test, or staging tenant linked to your production tenant.
  3. Deploy isolated environments with different configurations

When using Child tenants, the activity and usage will count toward the Master Subscription Tenant activity and usage limitations. Meaning that you are still limited by the Rate Limit Policy and the Rate Limit “bucket” is shared across your Master-Child tenants.

Hoped this addresses your questions. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you.

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