Changing tenant signin


I’d like to change my login method from GitHub to a username/password for my admin tenant login - how can I do that?


Hey there!

To be honest not sure if it’s doable let me check it. For now how I would go about it is to invite yourself as a tenant admin and this way you will be able to login using email/password.

Hi @konrad.sopala!

Doing that didn’t quite work - once I accepted the invite, the admin user disappeared and only my original user was left. I’m not sure why that happened…?


Gotchya! I’m waiting on the confirmation if it’s doable to switch login method somehow for the tenant admin. I’ll let you know once I have some news to share!

Hey there!

Terribly sorry for the delay but I got killed by the influx of questions.

So the procedure should look like this:

  1. You need to login via GitHub
  2. Invite your email to the tenant
  3. Log out
  4. Click the invite link and sign up using username and password

Then you can remove the GitHub based account from the tenant when you confirmed the new username/password account works.