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Lost admin access to tenant tied to GitHub user account (migrated to GitHub org)


We have a situation where our admin access to our tenant was tied to a GitHub user login which was since been migrated to an org before we could change the Auth0 admin access model. Our admin access to our tenant has been effectively lost although it still appears operational. Since we can’t login to Auth0, we also do not have a way to open up a direct support ticket for this issue. We tried the password reset option using the email address that was registered with the subscription, but after that we are directed to create a new tenant (as if the account has no existing tenants). Need some guidance on how to engage Auth0 support for this scenario. Thanks!


Hey there @ridealto!

Unfortunately we do not disclose who owns a tenant.

If you can tell us the tenant name and your email on which we can communicate, we can open a support case for you. Then you will need to prove you owned the said tenant by telling us certain things about the tenant that only tenant admins have access to such as client secret, global client id etc. <- we will ask you about that after opening the support case.

Hope it helps!


Thanks. Our access to our tenant has been restored through a somewhat convoluted communication process with Auth0 sales which then led to a support ticket and ultimately resolution.

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Perfect @ridealto! Glad that we made it work for you!

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