Change the social sign-in buttons order - Apple requires their sign in button to be on top

Feature: Change the order of social sign-in buttons in the new universal login.

Description: We are migrating our Apple mobile app to use Auth0, but Apple requires their sign-in button to be first to be approved for the Apple Store.

When using the Auth0 new universal login experience and having more than one social sign-in button enabled on Auth0, I would like to choose the order of the social sign-in buttons, So my app wouldn’t have problems in being approved for the Apple Store

Apple social login guidelines: Introduction - Technologies - Human Interface Guidelines - Design - Apple Developer
Discussion on Auth0 community: Change social login buttons order in new universal login

Thanks for providing that feedback! Let’s see how else in community will be interested in such feature!


We are interested on this feature for the very same reason. We’d appreciate more flexibility to explicitly order the connections in the new universal login. Thank you

Also need this feature. The email/password login option is so tall compared to social login but it appears first and it takes up so much space, even though social login is more popular for our users. So if we want to support email/password login we have to annoy most users. Changing the order would be very useful.

Came here to ask for the same feature. We have older social logins we still support and would like to set an order to the social login buttons.

For anyone landing on this question –
I recently did a lot of research and it looks like Apple no longer has the requirement that their button be on top. It just has to be the same size as other buttons and above the fold.

Regarding order in general - I haven’t done enough testing yet, but it does look like the order of the buttons might have something to do with when the connection was created. (not the enabling/disabling of apps, but the actual “new social connection” set up.)
I can’t find any documentation on this, it’s just a theory based on my different tenants having different orders.

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I wanted to check in to see if there have been any updates regarding the ability to change the order of social login buttons in the universal login?

If anyone has any updates or insights on this topic, I would greatly appreciate your sharing them here.

Unfortunately compared to other feedback cards it hasn’t gained enough traction yet as the product team definitely need more votes on this one.