Change the account owner for an Enterprise subscription plan

Problem statement

I created my personal Auth0 account before our company got an Enterprise license.

The Enterprise license was applied to my account. So, now I am the license owner and the main admin of all new tenants.

I want to change the owner to another email address: How can I do this?


To change the owner of an Enterprise subscription account, you can use two methods.

  1. If you can identify the Technical Account Manager (TAM) from the SF ticket, create an ‘@’ mention in the ticket addressing the TAM. Provide details of what the customer is requesting.
    It’s a good idea to check in Slack whether the TAM is available or on vacation/sick. If it looks like the TAM might not be there to help, then use method 2.

  2. Inform the customer that they must submit their request to

  • The email must come from a company account ( not a private email address ).

  • Please copy (CC) other customer stakeholders in the email to help demonstrate that this is a valid request