Change Sign In method to access Tennant Dashboard

Our company emails are currently Google hosted, so when logging in to manage our Tennant we use the “Log in with Google” meth\pd. However we are soon switching to Microsoft Teams and will no longer be Google hosted, so this option will no longer work for us.

I’ve tried entering my email to receive a password reset link, with the idea that I could create a password associated with my email and no longer rely solely on ‘Sign in with Google,’ but no password reset emails have been received, even in Spam or other filtered folders. Has anyone had success converting their sign in method from Google to regular email/password?

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You should be able to create a database account (username/password), then invite yourself to the tenant as the google user. Make sure you are logged in as the database user when you click the link. I just tried this and it seemed to work, albeit a bit of a workaround. I am going to pass the feedback along.

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That worked - Thanks a bunch for the solution!

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