Can't Verify Email on

The page at keeps saying:

To help keep your account secure, we require your email address to be verified.

No matter how hard I click the ‘Resend Email’ button - I never get an email.

I know my email works because I used the same email address to register on this forum.

Let me reach out to our support team about that!

I passed the info to appropriate team, they are already investigating that. Will get back to you once I have info to share!

Hi Konrad

Is there any update from the team on this?

Not yet unfortunately. Will get back to you as soon as I have any info back! Pinging them right now

Hey again!

I discussed it with appropriate team and we need to know whether you use Office 365 for email, if so you should check your quarantine emails or with your IT department otherwise let me know what you use. Thank you!

Hi Konrad,

I use GMail. The email address I’ve registered with Auth0 (and with the community forum) is auto-forwarded to the final destination email:

The email I recieved from the forum shows this is GMail:

from: ‘Auth0 Community’ via (The email address I redirect to)
reply-to: Auth0 Community
to: (The email address I registered with the forum)
date: 26 Jun 2019, 15:11
subject: [Auth0 Community Forum] Confirm your new account

Hmm thanks a lot for providing that! Give me some more time as it’s a cross-team collaboration effort. Will get back to you soon!

Hi Konrad

I just created a new test Auth0 count using an email with the same domain: test-account@

I received both the initial verification email that gets sent when you create an account - and another one when I clicked the ‘Resend Email’ button.

Here’s the email details

from: no-reply via (The email address I redirect to)
to: test-account@(same domain as other account)
date: 27 Jun 2019, 20:10
subject: Please Verify Your Auth0 Account

Thanks a lot! I’m passing all that info to appropriate team to help them debug

Hey there @auth0-name-here!

The team is still investigatin that but in the meantime were you able to check the Junk folder to see if it’s not there? Know it might be to simple but still.

Hi Konrad

Thanks for coming back to me - I’ve checked the junk folder, it’s not in there.

Got it. Give us some more time to debug it! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Hey again @auth0-name-here!

It seems like we’ve debugged it with the team. So, we just checked and the email delivery for those kinds of emails appears to be functional. There exists some cases for which we might drop emails:

  • Our email provider gets blacklisted: in that case a small percentage of our outgoing emails might be rejected for a short period of time. Retrying is the best course of action for now.
  • The email recipient is rejected for some reason: for example if the recipient address bounced repeatedly.

By doing a search for the test-account@ recipient, we were able to trace it back the other email of yours. We just checked logs from our email provider and we can see that emails for that recipient are rejected because the email address has a history of bouncing. The mail server responded with the error: “550 Unknown user”. After a few attempts, our provider started permanently rejecting that recipient on June 26th.

We’ve manually removed this rejection rule to re-enable this recipient going forward. You need to ensure that the mail recipient is valid and that your mail server will accept emails with that recipient. Otherwise, the address will fall back onto the rejection list again after a few attempts

Hi Konrad

Before I give you the bad news news I’d like to say a really big thank you to you and your team for going the extra mile on this!

So, the bad news … I sent two emails from different accounts (one using gmail, one using the service) and they both arrived.

I then clicked on the ‘RESEND EMAIL’ button - but haven’t received an email yet.

Interestingly I am receiving emails from this forum in relation to post updates - so I guess your forum uses a different email system.

Hmmm quite interesting! Let me get that info back to the team and try to research it a bit more!

We checked your attempt and this time your mail server is blocking our email because the outgoing ip address is reported as spam (blacklisted). Here’s the error message we receive from your server:

550 Mailcore(2503): some.IP.address.something is blacklisted and not authenticated.

That IP address is from our SendGrid provider. They are supposed to detect and request delisting pro-actively but this can take time.

So here are is our recommended action: Just retry. The subsequent attempts might be using another outgoing IP address that is not blacklisted.

Sorry, w don’t feel this gives a good experience to you but there’s nothing we can do short-term to solve this issue.

Hope this helps solve your problem!

Hi Konrad

It does! I’ve just received and email and have been able to verify my email address.

Once again, a big thank you to you and your team for getting to the bottom of this!

Thanks a lot! We got you covered!