Can't update default email connection through Pulumi/Terraform

I use Passwordless email connections for several applications within one tenant. This connection is created/updated using Pulumi (terraform). Currently, I keep getting the error “409 conflict: a connection with the same name already exists”. when creating a connection with a new name, this connection appears on the “Applications-application(application name)-connections” page, and it is enabled by default, but it does not work properly

After I delete it (I can’t delete it manually, only using Pulumi (terraform)), it disappears from the page described above.

Previously, when I tried to create a connection with the default name (email), everything worked as expected. And it probably works on new tenant.

Note: I checked the tenant of another application, which does not use a passwordless connection and on the “Applications-application(name of application)-connections” page at the bottom there are no connections. Maybe I could somehow delete this connection from the application in my current tenant and create it again? Or how can I update the current connection using Pulumi by adding included clients there?


So I removed connection using API call: first I received all connections using endpoint for that and then using ID of particular connection I removed connection

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