Migrating users from one Auth-0 connection to another one

Hi there,

Back when we started with Auth-0, I remember thinking “oh look, what a nice default database-connection” and started off to use that one for our main application. Since then, a lot of stuff changed. We defined all of our Auth-0 infrastructure in TerraForm and we started to need more than just one connection.

At the moment we have a nice application which should communicate with its own connection. However, the default connection (as nothing else is specified), by default accepts all applications. While we turned it off manually now, we would really like to also have that encoded in TerraForm. But, as you can imagine, we haven’t written TerraForm definitions for that database-connection (because it was already there and it was easier to not think about it).

We’re at a point now where we do want all of our connections to be defined in TerraForm which will require us to create a new one (as we don’t want to and can’t touch the one that is already there).

The Question:
Is there an easy and straight forward way to “duplicate” a database-connection. I.e. can I create a new database-connection in TerraForm and move over all Users from our default-database-connection without too much hassle?

Hi @rico,

There is not a ‘one-click’ solution for duplicating a connection/user DB.

If you would like to manually duplicate it, you can use the import/export functionality to move your users between connections. This will require you to file a support ticket requesting password hashes for those users if you don’t want to require a password reset. This doc shows how to import those hashes once that is complete.

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