Passwordless Email connection using terraform shows Something Went wrong page

I have been trying to create an M2M application and a Passwordless Email connection for it using terraform but I always see the Email section in Passwordless enabled but when I click on it, it gives me “Something went Wrong” page. I looked at the logs and it seems to be creating and updating the connection successfully but still the Email section gives the error window.

I use below code in terraform.

resource “auth0_connection” “passwordless_email” {
strategy = “email”
name = “email”

resource “auth0_connection_client” “directory_service_connection” {
connection_id =
client_id = <–m2m application client id–>

This all works if i create the connection manually but not through terraform. Kindly help.

Hey there @ruchika.kumar !

Can you please try first configuring a connection with terraform so that later you can link it with a client app as in your code above?

(for the passwordless connection, please scroll down) - Terraform Registry

thanks @marcelina.barycka I had to separately create/configure the connections first in terraform and then link them with my applications.

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