Can't run webtask associated with custom extension

I have configured this scheduled job GitHub - westy92/auth0-logs-to-s3: This extension will take all of your Auth0 logs and export them to an AWS S3 Bucket. which streams all the log data from Auth0 into S3.

The extension has been configured and when it runs I am getting an Access Denied error which I am trying to debug.

I’ve edited the code to ad more logging but when I try to run it again from the tool I get an error saying that webstak doesn’t exist:

12:22:18: new webtask request 1499858538169.220893

12:22:18: finished webtask request 1499858538169.220893 with HTTP 404 in 306ms

12:22:18: ▼result: Object
▼headers: Object
date: “Wed, 12 Jul 2017 11:22:18 GMT”
:arrow_forward:x-auth0-stats: Object
content-type: “text/html; charset=utf-8”
:arrow_forward:x-auth0-proxy-stats: Object
x-wt-response-source: “webtask”
content-length: “68”
statusCode: 404
body: “Cannot GET /a8463fe5b9b793b761f8fa836be5a5d6-run?webtask_no_cache=1”

Where are you seeing the error - the Webtask editor logs? Can you try creating a new Webtask via the editor and paste the code into there.

There are a few things worth pointing, we don’t provide formal support for custom extensions and the 404 response does not imply that the issue is with the webtask infrastructure, more specifically, you can implement a webtask and forcefully make it always return a 404.

In this case the 404 does not seem to be intended, but I believe it’s still caused by the webtask implementation. In particular, that custom extension is not updated in a significant amount of time and looking at their dependencies it seems to have been built with an old version of webtask-tools. I would say this is then leading to the 404 issues when you try to run the extension as part of dashboard widget. If you really want to troubleshoot this further I would recommend building the extension from the source code repository with up-to-date tooling instead of trying to modify the already built version.