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Can't log out in android


I am trying to logout - it automatically login me to the app, when I start login.

Auth0 auth0 = new Auth0(AppConfig.auth0clientId, AppConfig.auth0domain);
auth0 = Utils.getAuth0();
.start(this, callback);

Parameters contains “prompt”: “login”

Used just email/password auth.
SDK version ‘’
Android 7.0, 7.1, 8.0


:wave: @yevgenii.shein you should be able to force a fresh login with the way you are using withParameters and specifying the key prompt and value login, can you try prompt=login? You could alternatively try implementing the logout logic using the Credentials Manager.


I am already using prompt=login. I also tried to use CredentialsManager.clearCredentials. It gives me no result.
This problem appeared more than 2 weeks ago on live build in store.
I also tried to create a sample with only login and live credentials of app and got same result - user was logged in after fresh install.