User Log out with LogoutUrl in Auth0.Android

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i’m using Auth0.Android ( for handling user athentication in my android app. Now I have a question regarding the user log out which i handle the following way:

  1. Clear the Credentials from the CredentialsManager
  2. Clear the cookies, which will force ultimately the logout:

final Intent browserIntent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW, Uri.parse(logoutUrl));

Everything works fine so far. The only thing is, that the browser app (e. g. Chrome or Firefox) which i’m calling with Intent.ACTION_VIEW opens and stays open next to my app. Is there a way to avoid this behavior? Or do you handle the log out in a different way?

Thank you very much in advance!
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Hey there!

Not an Android guy but let me research it with the team and get back to you soon!

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Hi Konrad, did you already had the chance to reach out to your team regarding my question? Thank you very much!

Hey there Marius!

Yep but I didn’t get an answer yet. I’ll reping the person and get back to you as soon as I get any info back!

Unfortunately it seems like it’s not doable with a Browser app. Maybe with CustomTabs would work.
Check the latest release in which we added native support for logout:

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Great improvement to provide native support for the logout!!

We’ve got you covered!

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