Cannot logout on Android


I have one issue -> when I try to logout, app crashes.

This is my method for logging out.

fun logout(activity: Activity, callback: (Auth0Result) -> Unit) {
object : VoidCallback {
override fun onSuccess(payload: Void) {
callback(Auth0Result(null, “”))

                override fun onFailure(error: Auth0Exception) {
                    callback(Auth0Result(error.message, null))

Auth0 activity opens, doing something and crashes.

fatal crash

I see clearly that AuthenticationActivity crashes, but I have no clue why.

Can you help me with this?


Hey there!

In order to handle that most effectively I kindly ask you to raise the GitHub issue in Android SDK repo providing the context you provided here so that repo maintainers can work directly with you. Once you open the issue make sure to share the link here so we can ping them. Thank you!

Hey there!

Have you had a chance to check my previous message?