Can't change application type in generated app

Duplicating this question because it was never actually answered. The accepted answer does not answer the question.

I have an application generated when I created an API. Following along with your Angular 2 Authentication tutorial, in the Adding Authentication to the Front-End section, it says to change Application type to Single Page Application. However, much like the last poster that asked this question said, the option is completely greyed out for me. I hope that by saying “the option is greyed out”, that you understand that I am already aware of where the option to change this is, I am just unable to change it. Telling me where the settings menu in the dashboard is did not answer the previous asker’s question, and it wont answer mine.

I will check the answer to the other question but, to facilitate your life, I will answer here as well. Nowadays, you cannot change the type of the automatically-create application (I mean, the ones created after an API).

Therefore, you will need to create a new Auth0 Application by yourself (manually). While doing so, you can select the application type you need (SPA in this case).

I will check the article as well and update it as needed.