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How to change the Application Type of a generated application


Im a total newbie on using Auth0 and just following a guide trying to copy what the instructor is doing. While following the guide I got stuck because I could not change the Application type of my automatically generated application after creating a new API. In the video the instructor simply change the Application Type from Non Interactive Client to Single Page Application. But when I try to do the same the option is locked on Machine to Machine and I am not able to change it what so ever.

Is there anyone that could help me change my application type from Machine to Machine to instead be Single Page Application?

Hey there @Tratten!

Could you reference here the guide / video that you are using for setting that up so we can guide you n the right direction?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Konrad!

The guide Im following is a Linkedin learning guide found here:

The problem arise in section 3 (Initial Auth0 setup).

Unfortunately, LinkedIn learning requires you to sign up for a trial or pay money to watch content so I understand if you do not want to go through that process just to help me.

Thank you for your response!

No worries! Indeed I cannot watch the content.

Can you explain me the context around what you are trying to build and what steps you take to achieve that so I can potentially direct you to right resources ?

I see that you are trying to tie security to your React app, here are our resources for that:

In terms of changing app type you can specify everything in the Applications section in the Dashboard:

Let me know if that helps and please provide me with more context around what you are trying to build

Just putting in a plug for that React Tutorial blog post. It’s great! I don’t have much experience with SPAs so I went through it last weekend. I learned a lot!

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