Is there any way to switch between applications in auth0?

Is there any way of switching between two auth0 applications from React SDK? i.e. Personal level access only application to another application having access to Business only level?

Hi @waytogo,

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Could you provide more details about what you mean by switching between two Auth0 applications?

Are you looking to redirect your users to different applications to login?


So what i what to know is there are two SPA Applications in auth0. One in which individual users only are turned on and in the other there is only Business only(Organisation level only) is turned on. So both application only has clientId as different. So when using it with any of the auth0 SDKs available like @auth0/auth0-spa-js in react. Is there any way in which i can register as individual level access application (using its clientId as default using a context) and after logging in by using silent authentication and changing the clientId to the one that has Organisation access only? So does this have any security issues. Will the SDK hold this behaviour or is it not recommended to do so?